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RUOK Telephone Reassurance System

Next Generation RUOK® Telephone Reassurance System

Are You Ok - Telephone Reassurance Program

The all new next generation telephone call reassurance system compatible with Window. RUOK telephone reassurance system, it's simple, its feature rich, its working 24x7.

RUOK ® telephone reassurance system and RUOK ® call care system have been used widely in the USA and Canada. The RUOK ® telephone call care system is Windows XP/Windows 7 compatible and includes the award winning Way2call DSP based Telephony dialer.

RUOK ® ( Are You OK? ® ) is a 24x7 telephone reassurance system, namely, the call care system, widely used all over the USA and Canada by Communities, police and Sheriff Offices and departments, Police stations, Golden age clubs, Senior citizens organization, Rescue departments, Senior volunteer clubs and organizations, call care reassurance service centers and more.

Minimum System requirements

  • A PC or Laptop with one free USB port
  • WIN XP or WIN7 Operation system
  • A telephone line
  • A PC speaker (Optional for call monitoring)
  • RUOK software for WIN XP/WIN 7*
  • Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop Lite Telephony dialer, Not A Modem!**
  • *Included in the ROUK ® telephone call care reassurance system
  • **Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop Lite telephony dialer is a portable telephony board with dialer, namely telephony device.

What is RUOK® Telephone Reassurance System?

I am ok - telephone reassurance program

RUOK Telephone Reassurance Call Caring System is a senior check-in, safety calling care reassurance system integrated with professional grade telephony card device dialer for voice broadcasting. Caring call telephone reassurance system administrators can use our ready to use telephony hardware system in this system to connect with your existing telephone lines and existing Windows PC computers without buying additional equipment.

The system consists of a personal computer ( you can use your existing Windows based desktop computer, laptop and tablets with USB connectors ) , telephone dialer, printer and the Are You OK ® telephone reassurance system software.

The computer installed with RUOK ® telephone reassurance system program stores subscriber names, numbers and call times. When RUOK® is started, it automatically calls each person in the call care system at their predetermined time (RUOK® is designed to run 24x7 and automatically cycle every day at midnight). When RUOK® hears a voice response on the phone it delivers a short pre-recorded call caring reassurance message.

The senior check-in and safety check system, RUOK, check on the well-being of seniors, home alone residents and get response from them. This is the new next generation RUOK telephone reassurance system for PC Windows. Not only it provides senior check-in service, daily safety call to seniors, elderly people, but also home alone mother, latch-key kids to reassurance a safer community, system mostly used by community and law enforcement officers via voice broadcasting.

How Does RUOK® Telephone Reassurance System Work?

Somebody is checking on me - telephone reassurance program

RUOK® telephone reassurance system operators may choose to monitor responses through the computer speakers while attending to other duties. At the end of each calling day, a daily log of calls is automatically generated and printed.

If the RUOK® telephone reassurance call care program subscriber doesn't answer after a preset number of call attempts, an alert is given visually on the computer's monitor and audibly on the computer's speakers. A printout containing emergency information on the telephone call reassurance program subscriber, including doctor name and phone number, contact name and phone number, next of kin and brief medical history is generated.

Find out how RUOK telephone reassurance call caring system can work for you, and who is using RUOK and Why you should choose RUOK reassurance program for your calling care to your communities with your budget in mind!

Also find out which law enforcement units and communities are using RUOK telephone reassurance system. .


RUOK  ®  Are You OK?® telephone reassurance program system brings a sense of comfort into every subscriber's home by care calling. Each day at a pre-arranged time, the telephone reassurance system automatically makes these computerized monitoring care calls inexpensively and without interruption to normal community services. The RUOK system offering inclues: 1. Northland RUOK software Windows version 2. Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop Lite Dialer not a modem, it is a portable telephony board telephony dailer read more ...
List Price : $1,249.00
Our Price : $999.00   per unit
You Save : $250.00 ( 20 %)

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