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Auto Dialer Software

VoiceCTI auto dialer ( autodialer, automatic dialing ) telephony software offers several call management solutions through Phone Eve and Phone Mars. 

Both IVR ( interactive voice response ) autodialer telephony software work with your existing telephony board device and analog / digital lines when they are all connecting to your existing PC computer. We recommend customers to use Way2call telephony board device for ultimate performance and support.

Phone Mars is an interactive voice response system that provides call scheduling and schedule reminder through auto dialing and text-to-speech technology. Users can easily manage their schedule and remind themselves with their important meeting and appointments. This system is a perfect solution for call center to provide additional service, as well as a cost effective solution for soho business owners, small business, sales people and individuals to utilize without any learning curves.
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SKU :  PELT101

Single line auto dialer telephony software for auto dialing, voice mail recording, caller id detection, contact management and call log management read more ...
Our Price : $49.00   per unit
SKU :  PELT102

VoiceCTI free auto dialer software for computer answering machine for pc, pbx software, auto dialing, voicemail recording, caller id detection, contact management and call log management read more ...
Our Price : Free   per unit
SKU :  PMAR100

Phone MAR - Appointment, Schedule Voice Auto Reminder Telephony Software Full Calendar Hourly, Daily, weekly, Monthly Full Contact management include import and export from other data base Reminder schedule by contact Reminder schedule by time Reminder now Auto outgoing voice messages Wave or Text to speech voice messages Live operator intervene IVR Called party can use the Phone keypad to navigate through menu options Voice Message recording Called party can leave a Voice message Call log include fast dial back read more ...
Our Price : $99.00   per unit

PhoneABLE solution software and Dialer, the latest disability telephony solution for disabled people who are paralyzed, connect your PC and Home Phone line for quick dialing stored or new phone numbers using mouse, keypad, text to speech software and voice commands software.The Simple Phone software application has been designed to support people with disability in order to make and receive phone calls by using the PC's mouse or keypad or by aid of voice recognition software applications, and text to speech software such as Natural Dragon or GRID read more ...
Our Price : Free   per unit

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VoiceCTI Communications Inc. began developing computer telephony integration (CTI) applications, and products more than two decades ago. The company's developers have the knowledge and experience to offer simple low-cost cost and easy-to-use applications and solutions.

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