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SKU :   GS-4S-PH-BL02
4 Lines Quad-band GSM FWT with USA dial tone. Compatible with 2G and 3G networks. Compatible to most telephones, PBX and VoIP gateways, support quad band frequency of GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Just insert your GSM sim card in and connect to any types of regular land-line phone device at your own choice at your home or office.
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VoiceCTI Communications Inc
GSM FWT GS-4S-PH-BL02 is a newly designed 4 ports GSM to POTS (Plain Old Telephone
Service) line Converter, also known as Fixed Wireless Terminal. The device has 4 line
connections that allow 4 regular analog telephones to be connected to 4 Cellular
GSM service just like connecting to 4 local PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)
land-lines. Your calls are connected on the GSM network. This device receives and
makes phone calls.
Model GSM FWT GS-4S-PH-BL02 supports 4 GSM modules + 4 FXS ports.


Technical Specifications:
Air interface standard: Quad band
GSM850/1900Mhz,900/1,800Mhz phase 2+ full band
Frequency ranges:
A) GSM 850 GSM 1900:
I) Transmission: 869.2 ~ 893.8MHz I) Transmission: 1, 930 ~ 1, 990MHz
Ii) Reception: 824.2 ~ 848.2MHz Ii) Reception: 1, 850 ~ 1, 910MHz
B) GSM 900: GSM 1800:
I) Transmission: 890 ~ 915MHz I) Transmission: 1, 710 ~ 1, 785MHz
Ii) Reception: 935 ~ 960MHz Ii) Reception: 1, 805 ~ 1, 880MHz
Module employed: Quectel M35
Phone interface: supply RJ-11 Phone Interface
Hanging voltage: 45V
Dialing tone Frequency: 450Hz
Antenna interface: Antenna amplifying >2.5db
RF Sensitivity: <-104DBM
Transmitting power: <3W
Operation temperature: -10c-60C
Storage temperature: -20C-70C
Operation humidity: 45% - 95%
Color: Black
AC-Adapter: Input: AC 110~240VAC 50~60Hz
Output: 12DC 1.5A.
AC-Adapter type:US

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