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SKU :   NV-1202B
 The EyeimPro is unique Eye training device, which works on the physicality of the eye lens, and the muscles around it in order to correctly view objects that are close and far away.
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The EyeimPro is unique Eye training device, which works on the physicality of the eye lens, and the muscles around it in order to correctly view objects that are close and far away.

This achieves by state of the art device, which designed as a multimedia player via a binocular.

The Binocular has two LCD’s, one for each eye. The image is presented on both LCD’s, while the distance of the LCD’s from the watching Eyes are changing constantly from close view to far view.

With the use of the device’s front Binocular lenses, its emulate a real change in the object distance, which stimulate the eyes to change its shape in order to compensate on the distance change.

As a result, the Eye lens changes its sharp in order to compensate on the change in distance to keep the image in focus.

Naturally, the Eye lenses are chancing the shape constantly from a circle to flat to allow the image to fall on the eye retina. When the image is falling on the retina, the image is transferred to the brain with full focus. When the image falls in front of the retina, the image is out of focus or blare.

When looking at close objects, the Eye shape is more circle. This is due to muscles contraction.

When looking at far objects, the Eye shape is more flat. This is due to muscles relaxation.

The simple conclusion is that in order to have flat lenses for far looking, the muscles need to be relaxed and release the tension caused by continuous close looking at objects.

Nowadays, cause of all the close looking, of readings, electronic devices, kids are spending allot of time looking at close objects, which cause the Eye Lenses Muscles to be tensioned and constrained, and never let the eye muscles to relax.

The EyeimPro Eye training device force the eyes and its muscles to look at far objects and release the tension around the Eye lenses muscles.

This process is happening unconcernedly by the Eye muscles in order to change the lens shape to compensate different distances objects are being spotted.


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