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PC Call Dictation, Transcription Software - DialDictate Call Dictation

Express Dictate PC Windows call dictation, transcription software allows users call in to record and dictate over the telephone for school, medical, legal or call center, home office recording small to large volumes of dictation, a speech to text software.
dictaphone HD00LTGR01DIALD $329.00 Buy
dictaphone NCHDIALDAS01 $69.95 Buy
dictaphone NCHDIALDM001 $99.99 Buy
dictaphone NCHDIALDS001 $79.99 Buy

TAPI Telephony Hardware, USB Voice Modem, Dialer - VoiceCTI Telephony Hardware, Software

TAPI Telephony board Devices TAPI compliant USB telephony voice modem device is used as external USB telephony card board device,USB voice modem, designed for business phone systems, IVR and PBX system.
usb telephony devices HD00LTGR01 $499.00 Buy
usb telephony devices HD00PRGR01 $549.00 Buy
usb telephony devices PM004LBL01-IVR $499.00 Buy
usb telephony devices PM004LBL01-PWD $599.00 Buy
usb telephony devices PM004LBL01-PWC $699.00 Buy

Auto Dialer Software - VoiceCTI Automatic Call Dialing IVR Telephone Software

VoiceCTI Telephony Software VoiceCTI auto dialer software provides a complete business automated call solution for IVR and PBX, auto dialing, call scheduling, schedule reminder, auto dialing, caller ID detection and speech to text through your regular telephone lines.
auto dialer SOFT-PCDIALERPH $0.00 Buy
auto dialer PMAR100 $99.00 Buy
auto dialer PELT102 $0.00 Buy
auto dialer PELT101 $49.00 Buy

GSM Mobile Telephony Solution - connect to fax, phone handset and auto dialer

VoiceCTI Telephony Voice Modem, Dialer Business Phone System - IVR, PBX, predictive dialer

telephone software and auto dialer IVR and PBX solution bundle NCH software and Way2call Hi-Phone desktop for answering attendant, call recording, call dictation and auto dialing for interactive voice response.
telephony system HD00LTGR01IVM $349.00 Buy
telephony system HD00LTGR01DIALD $329.00 Buy
telephony system HD00LTGR01TRX $299.00 Buy
telephony system HD00LTGR01VRS $319.00 Buy

Call Answering Software, IVR - IVM telephone attendant

Professional Call Recorder NCH Software - VRS Call Recording Software System

Call Recording Software, CTI - TRx Call Recording System

TRx Personal Call Recorder
NCH telephone phone call recording software record voice calls on your PC and recognize caller ID, put calls on-hold and play on-hold messages or music to callers.
call recording NCHTRXHOME01 $39.95 Buy
call recording NCHTRXPR01 $69.95 Buy
call recording HD00LTGR01TRX $299.00 Buy

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