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Phone Eve Frequently Asked Questions

Date Published 1/29/2014

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Eve

General Questions

  1. What are the Phone EVE main features?
  2. What are the minimum requirements?
  3. What Operating systems are supported?
  4. Can I use the Phone EVE with a voice modem?
  5. How Many Telephone Lines can be connected to one PC?
  6. What kinds of telephone lines are supported?
  7. Where can I buy a Phone EVE compatible Telephony device?

Feature related questions

  1. How do I use my existing phone list with the Phone EVE?
  2. Can I call from another application that stores telephone numbers?
  3. Can I dial from Excel?
  4. How can I use a pre recorded message as a greeting?
  5. Can I record my voice mail greeting by using my PC microphone?
  6. Can I use my PC microphone and speakers to make and receive phone calls?
  7. I deleted important voice message by mistake. How can I retrieve it?
  8. I'm recording a voice message, but the volume is too low. How can I increase the volume?

Installation and trouble shooting

  1. I have installed the Phone EVE but can't make phone calls. What is wrong?
  2. I installed the Way2call Hi-Phone drivers and telephony device, and now can't hear the PC sound card beeps anymore. What should I do?
  3. I installed the Way2call drivers on WIN XP and the PC is not stable. Sometimes the audio drivers are grayed, and sometimes I'm receiving SVCHOST error. What should I do?
  4. I'm using WIN Vista and the Phone EVE doesn't record audio files. What should I do?
  5. I'm using WIN 7 and the Phone EVE doesn't record audio files. What should I do?

Telephony devices and hardware related

  1. I have connected the Way2call Hi-Phone device to the USB but can't find it in the Phone EVE setup. What to do?
  2. I can't install the Way2call Hi-Phone drivers. Getting an error can't install TSP. What should I do?

General questions

  1. Yes, the Phone EVE basic version is a free application, and never expires.
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  2. The main features are Auto dialer, call recording, voice mail, answering machine, caller ID detection, and contact management
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  3. The minimum requirements are a PC with WIN OS, headset or analog handset and a telephony device
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  4. The supported operating systems are XP, Vista 32 bit and 64 bit, WIN7 32 bit and 64 bit, WIN server 2003, WIN server 2008.
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  5. For excellent voice quality, telephony features and robust solution, the Phone EVE application requires a TAPI compliant telephony device. Currently the Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop products are supported. See voice modem vs. telephony device
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  6. The Phone EVE basic supports one line. However advanced application may support up to 4 analog lines.
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  7. The supported telephone lines are analog lines (PSTN)
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  8. Phone EVE Compatible Telephony devices can be purchased on-line at www.way2call.com
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Feature related

  1. In order to use your existing phone list, you should import it to the Phone EVE application. Import is not available with the basic version.
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  2. No, the Phone EVE basic doesn't support it.
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  3. No, the Phone EVE basic doesn't support it.
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  4. In order to use a pre recorded message as a greeting, it should be saved as 16bit 8Khz mono audio format. The file should be setup as the OGM via the Phone EVE setup menu.
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  5. Yes, greeting may be recorded by using the PC microphone
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  6. No. the Phone EVE basic doesn't support a PC microphone and speakers in order to make and receive phone calls.
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  7. You can retrieve deleted messages via the undelete button.
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  8. In order to increase the recorded volume, go to control panel - sound and audio device - audio tab. Choose the Hi-Phone as the sound recording device (Not the aux). Click volume, and place the slider on maximum. You now can change the default device to your sound card.
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Installation and Trouble shooting

  1. Make sure that a telephony device has been installed. Choose the telephony device via the setup menu. Connect the line and handset or headset
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  2. To restore the sound card as the default device, go to control panel - sound and audio device - audio tab. Choose your sound card as the sound recording and sound playback devices. In WIN XP check the box near Use only default devices.
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  3. Go to control panel - administrative tools - services. Disable the "Remote access connection manager". Restart the PC.
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  4. On WIN Vista, you must run the Phone EVE application as administrator, or give it administrator privileges. Right click on the exe file, and run as administrator.
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  5. On WIN 7, you must run the Phone EVE application as administrator, or give it administrator privileges. Right click on the exe file, and run as administrator.
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Telephony devices and hardware related

  1. Restart the PC. Make sure that the Hi-Phone device is connected to the PC when the PC is startup.
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  2. Make sure that the right drivers' package is installed. Use the 32 bit drivers' package for 32 bit WIN OS. Use the 64 bit drivers for 64 bit WIN OS.
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